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Hard-Nosed: Syracuse Coach Scott Shafer's First Catchphrase

Greg Robinson had plenty of catchphrases and Doug Marrone always spoke from a Tremendous Standpoint. What will Scott Shafer's catchphrases be? Looks like we've got one of them.

Phil Walter

If nothing else, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician exists to identify the catchphrases that Syracuse Orange coaches use and beat them into the ground.

This site was literally built on Gregisms, the greatest gift GRob ever gave to us.

And after the fervor dies down over Doug Marrone's departure, we'll look back lovingly on his legacy, which was tremendous from the standpoint of doing a nice job.

And so, Scott Shafer has been on the job unofficially for about four days now, officially for two. That's more than enough time for his first catchphrase, no?

Official Announcement:

"I look forward to representing the hard-nosed city of Syracuse."

During ESPNCNY Interview:

"I want people to say when you play Syracuse, the one thing you will know is you will play a hard-nosed, physical outfit"

"You'll know you played a physical football team from a hard nosed town."

Syracuse Football 2013: Hard-Nosed