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Syracuse vs. Bye Week: Fightin' Byes Looking For Revenge

Bye Week University visits the Dome this weekend and the Orange cannot afford to relax, no matter what you hear about bye weeks.

"The bye week couldn't come at a better time for the Syracuse Orange."

I've been hearing that all week and I gotta say, I don't get it. Syracuse is reeling at 1-3 and now they welcome back to the Carrier Dome a Bye Week University Fightin' Byes team that pushed them to the brink last season in a 34-31 overtime instant classic.

Remember, this is a team with nothing to lose. Hell, this is a team with NOTHING. It literally does not exist. And when you cease to be, you're much more willing to send five wideouts out on first down and chuck that ball with reckless abandon. And then who knows what will happen?


Just like last year, let's do some scouting so we understand who is coming in here and why we need to be afraid, very afraid.


What he lacks in boyish good looks, QB #14 more than makes up for in Stamina, Prestige and Kick Accuracy. Don't be fooled by his overall score, he's a 98 in Pass Blocking. Despite not throwing for more than 34 yards in any other game during his entire career, he finished with 513 yards and 4 TDs against Syracuse last year.


HB #20 has dreadlocks, so you know he's good. He also constantly has a look on his face that seems to say, "Are you gonna finish that egg salad sandwich?" It's the kind of mental misdirection that can give SU fits. Sure he's only a 56 Overall but he's a 92 on Injury. So if the Orange are hoping he pulls a hammy during one of his 2-yard runs, it looks unlikely. Nate Hackett has said, "God, I wish I had a guy like this for my red zone offense. With his kind of lack of speed, he'd do wonders on a sweep play from the two-yard-line."


WR #9 might look all innocent but he's a real terror. A 67 Overall, he brings a phalanx of mediocre speed, mediocre hands and mediocre route running, a deadly combination against this Syracuse defensive secondary.


Bye Week's most talented player, MLB #34 had a full ride to Wisconsin before a tractor accident ruined his dreams. After a season at Schlimebacher Community College, he transferred to Western Michigan where, against all odds, he was involved in another tractor accident. Looking for a third chance and a place far, far away from any tractors, he matriculated at Bye Week and is finally shining. Weakness: Tractors.

Currently, Syracuse is favored over BWU by 2 points. Place your bets accordingly.