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Minnesota 17 - Syracuse 10: I Have Nothing To Say So I'll Just Say The Big Ten Network Blows


I don't really want to talk about the Minnesota Golden Gophers 17-10 win over the Syracuse Orange on Saturday night. Instead, I'd like to share my favorite errors, mispronunciations and just dumb things uttered by the Big Ten Network announcers tonight.

  • Referring to Ritchy Desir as Ritchie Rene or possibly even Ricky Rene or Ricky Denee.
  • Referring to Marquis Spruill as Markweece Spruill
  • Referring to Jeremi Wilkes as Jeremiah Wilkes
  • Identifying Jarrod West as a tight end.
  • Letting us know that Quinta Funderburk is not only eligible to play this season but was receiving kicks for the Orange tonight.
  • Saying that a Syracuse fumble was "a real drive killer."
  • "Syracuse, they gotta get something going offensively." - At the beginning of the fourth quarter
  • Saying that the lack of time on the clock "has to be a concern for Syracuse" at the beginning of the fourth quarter.
  • "The [Minnesota] coaching staff wants to win"
  • "People couldn't wait to get in and get to their seats."
  • "[Jerry Kill] does things the right way."
  • Saying that the reason this Minnesota defense is playing well is because they "believe."
  • "Well, you know, if Minnesota kicked those two field goals and got that touchdown pass, then they’d be up even more."
  • "Only two quarterbacks have thrown touchdowns against Minnesota," who has played against four quarterbacks.
  • "...Let me put a period on your question"
  • When one of them referred to himself as "the white elephant in the room."
  • Saying that "Minnesota has hospital people."
  • Syracuse "has a short week, they take on Pitt on Friday." O RLY?

Like I said, I'm not discussing the game. As for Doug Marrone, I'll reiterate what I said on Twitter...

To back what others are saying, Marrone is doing everything right...except on the field. I'm not ready to put him on the hot seat, but...I honestly want to understand why his teams are so sloppy, penalty-prone, mistake-prone and lack consistency.