What the P-S Won't Tell You About...The Minnesota Golden Gophers

Hello again fellow Magicians! As we creep another week closer to conference play, we profile yet another B1G opponent -- the seven-time National Champion (you read that right) University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Applying "The Rutgers Diet" approach to Out Of Conference Scheduling, Minnesota is sitting pretty with three wins and no losses against soft opposition. But hey, three wins and no losses is three wins and no losses, and people are Doing The Gopher all over the Twin Cities! I can assure you, among those NOT Doing The Gopher are Head Coach Doug Marrone and the Syracuse University Orange football team...not until around 11:30pm EST, that is...

In today's preview, we'll challenge you, the reader, to identify some of the great leaders in Minnesota's storied football past, as well as highlight perhaps the most genius marketing ploy in all of collegiate athletics...The Trophy Game. DOCTOR Gross could learn a thing or two about how things are done in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!