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SECRET RECORDING: Syracuse Coach Tells Boosters What He REALLY Thinks of Syracuse Fans

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During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Syracuse Orange head coach Doug Marrone told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the Orange fans who want to put him on the coaching hot seat. He dismissed these Syracuse fans as freeloaders who don't pay for game tickets, who don't assume responsibility for their fandom, and who think Syracuse Football should take care of them.

Fielding a question from a booster about how he could triumph in 2012, Marrone replied:

"From the standpoint of fans who want me on the hot seat, there are 47 percent of the Syracuse fans who will put me on the hot seat no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are against me even though I beat the crap out of West Virginia last year, who are dependent upon SU Athletics to offer them $10 tickets and Groupons, who believe that they are victims, who believe Ryan Nassib has a responsibility to throw them the football, who believe that they are entitled to Belk Bowls, to luxury box food, to road game team housing, to you-name-it. That's an entitlement. And that Syracuse Football should give it to them. And they will put me on the hot sear no matter what…These are people who pay for no Dome Dogs.

"[M]y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and buy season tickets."

Here was Marrone raw and unplugged—sort of unscripted. With this crowd of fellow millionaires, he apparently felt free to utter what he really believes and would never dare say on his weekly call-in show. He displayed a high degree of disgust for nearly half of Syracuse fans, lumping all of them into a mass of shiftless moochers who don't contribute to the team, athletics department, if anything, to society.

When asked what he's doing to combat these negative attacks from The Upset 47 Percent, Marrone said he's got top men working on it:

From the standpoint of having a very good team of tremendous experienced, highly successful assistant coaches , I have a very good team of tremendous experienced, highly successful assistant coaches . A couple of people in particular who have coached football around the country. I didn't realize it. These guys in the SEC—the Lane Kiffin equivalents—they coach football all over the world: in Tennessee, in Georgia , in Florida. I mean, they worked for Phil Fulmer in his tenure. They're doing a nice job. So they do these coaching gigs and they see which plays work, and which processes work best, and we have ideas about what we do over the course of the season. I'd tell them to you, but I'd have to shoot you."

Marrone then shot everyone in the room just because he could. Condolences to the families of these fallen boosters.

(Obviously, this is a spoof. Relax.)