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Syracuse Defeats Stony Brook: Quotant Quotables


Saw a lot of interesting quotes to come out the Syracuse Orange's 28-17 win over Stony Brook on Saturday. Let's jump right in.

Alec Lemon on the crowd:

"It would be nice if everyone stayed the whole game and didn’t get up and leave. It’s kind of sucky when you see people get up and leave, but we’re out there playing the game."

On one hand, good for you, Sir Alec. On the other hand, not sure Doug Marrone wants you saying that. What was most interesting to me was that SU Athletics put it in the transcript. They usually take anything negative out (a couple things Doug Marrone said didn't make the transcript this week). Have to think a little statement being sent there by SUA.

Jarrod West on the difference between this game and the others:

"We just fell on top. We made more plays than we did in the past."

I don't know if you said that how you meant it, Jarrod, but, got it.

Macky MacPherson on the win:

"We got a win, and that’s the important thing. We’re 1-2 instead of 0-3 and it doesn’t matter if it was against Alabama or Stony Brook. That’s a good football team we just beat. They’re No. 17 in the FCS for a reason. We’re not going to hang our heads. It’s not like we just played St. Mary’s School For The Poor."

Coincidentally, Rutgers just scheduled a home-and-home with St. Mary’s School For The Poor.

Prince-Tyson Gulley on Stony Brook:

"I was very surprised, and we wanted to dominate and we believed they shouldn’t be on the field with us. They came ready today."

Jerome Smith on trailing Stony Brook at the half:

"I think we realized that they were a better team than we’d thought. Of late, we’ve been coming out strong in the second half, so we didn’t panic or anything like that. But we were mad, absolutely. Good team or not, we don’t ever think we should be losing at halftime."

Ashton Broyld on the win:

"They said that we were the best 0-2 team in the country. Now, we are the best 1-2 team in the country. We needed this win. It was very big for us and our confidence. We know what we have, and we just need to keep putting it together each week."

I think we can put the Best X-X Team In The Country thing to bed now.

Doug Marrone on Ashton Broyld:

"I have zero issues with his work ethic. He was upset after the first game. He said I want to play more and get in there. I said hey, I feel the same way, I want you to play more."

"He is a very, very good athlete. But in order to play more, you need to now the ins and outs of everything you are doing. He has been doing better and better and we would like to get him more carries."

Doug Marrone on the state of the team:

We are sitting here 1-2. We are going to go back to work tomorrow. We have a lot of work to do. I am happy for the players. They have worked hard. At the end of the day you earn your win. You earn what you deserve. Our first two games, we’ve lost. This game we won. We are 1-2. We have a lot of work ahead of us."

I wonder if we're 1-2.

Doug Marrone on Das Boot Ross Krautman:

"I’m more concerned with him than I’ve been in the last three years."


Doug Marrone on the punting game:

"We’re not switching Riley Dixon and Jonathon Fisher. Jonathon is going to punt the ball for us. Riley is our sky kick, to get it up and get good height on it. Ross is obviously our PAT field goal kicker. Ryan Norton is obviously our kickoff guy. I’m learning a lot about that culture and how hard they work, the ins and outs of it. My roommate was a kicker here but he benched 400 pounds and played DB. He was a little different. These kids are good and work hard. I think we are trying to get more from them, as I am with the rest of the players from the team."

As Brent Axe asks, you have to wonder if Marrone trying to out-think the room here. There's a reason most teams have one punter.

Doug Marrone on the first failed fourth and goal:

"The first one, I told Coach Hackett, we are going to run it twice. We signaled in and had a miscommunication. It happens. Those things happen. And we wound up throwing the football. Then it goes to fourth and three. Now, we're going to throw it thinking they are going to pressure us with man as they have shown on film...We got 'em backed up. I'm thinking, the defense is starting to play better from what they did in the first half. I really didn't like the angle on the field goal and we had missed two field goals...I was upset. We were really running the ball well and I wanted to hit them with that same play we were hitting them with. We didn't get it."

Nate Hackett on the two failed fourth and goals:

"It's so funny, for two games everyone has been saying how great we are, and it's funny because I knew everyone was now going to be like, 'what were you thinking in the red zone! (laughs).


Doug Marrone on the team giving up big plays:

"We have been burned in three games. It’s a matter of focus and evaluating it and doing a better job with it. We got burned in three games and gave up some big plays. I was discouraged. We were burnt early. I was discouraged by their 75 yards right off the bat, hidden yardage that I’m sure you guys can see with a penalty here, a sack and a penalty. Things like that. We took points off the board when I say we missed two field goals. We go for two. We had a miscommunication with the signals. The first time I wanted to run the ball twice. We can’t afford to give up those plays. In the end, Marcus Sales makes some big plays and puts the game away. I was very happy Marcus was able to do that."

Doug Marrone on how the team comes out stronger in the second half:

"Honestly guys, I don’t know what it is. It’s my job to find out. If I had the answer, we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it."