My Final Plea

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in my life. I'm going to stop trying to convince everyone that I'm right, and accept that there are opposing viewpoints that I may not agree with, but may also hold water.

As soon as I'm done with this post ...

I arrived at Syracuse in Fall 2004, as a wide-eyed freshman excited to experience Division I athletics at its highest level. I had heard that our football team was on the downward slide, but foolishly, I thought a return to glory was within our reach. We ended up going 4-1 at home that season, and I can honestly say some of those games were the most fun I had in college. Even our lone loss, to Florida State, was probably the most exciting college football game I had seen in person until the Pinstripe Bowl a few years ago. The point is, it was fun, even though the team was a bit of a disappointment.

The next three years of my college career were three of the worst in program history (perhaps only beaten by the class just one year younger than me who got four glorious years of the GROB era). I learned a few things over those three years: 1. Punting on 3rd down is probably not a good idea. 2. When you say it can't possibly get worse, it can in

fact get worse. But most importantly ...


We're guaranteed nothing in sports. Great teams lose any day. Bad teams can win any day. It's one of the reasons we love sports. I experienced far too many losses in my four years at Syracuse and thereafter to EVER look down on a win. I don't care if you win by 1 or you win by 50. A win is a win.

Which brings me to my more important point ...

Syracuse fans are awful, and they do not deserve this team

Football is an amazing sport. One of the reasons it's so amazing is because fans can have a direct impact on the game. If you cheer loud enough at the right moments, it WILL ACTUALLY AFFECT THE OTHER TEAM. You can force them to call a timeout because they can't hear the play. You can get them to jump offsides and result in loss of yards. You can get a receive to run the wrong route because he didn't hear the audible and lead to an interception for your team.


Yet all I hear from Syracuse fans week in and week out is how much the players suck, or the program sucks, or Marrone sucks. Locals refuse to support the team and go to the games because they don't think they're good enough. Students are no better.

You embarrass me. You embarrass yourselves. You embarrass the great Syracuse fans of the past that packed Archbold Stadium and those that packed the Dome in the 80s and 90s and were rewarded by great teams who fed off the atmosphere.

Frankly, you don't deserve success, and you are fulfilling your own prophecy by not going to the games. We won't win in front of half empty stadiums. We won't recruit great players in half empty stadiums. And therefore you won't go to the games because we're not winning. If that's what you want, you may get your wish.

This team has come so far since 1-10. It's an unbelievably more fun team to watch than any in the Robinson era. It's even more fun to watch this team than it was my freshman year because we actually have a legitimate offense that can put points on the board. Are there still flaws? Absolutely. Can they improve in many areas? No doubt.

I'm all for criticism and I'm all for talking about ways we can get better. Marrone is far from perfect, and I will be critical of many of his decisions. But it will take a lot more than an "ugly" win against Stony Brook for me to lose faith.

This team is good. And this team is fun to watch. And if you can't see that, and you can't appreciate that, then you can just go to hell. Stop tweeting about Syracuse football. Stop posting on Nunes about SU football. Just focus on basketball, you fairweather, ungrateful, unworthy fans. I really don't care any more.