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The Grant Brother Chronicles May Get A Sequel


Jerian Grant will be a redshirt sophomore for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball team this season. His brother Jerami Grant will be a true freshman for the Syracuse Orange basketball team. This season, the two will meet on February 4th in the Carrier Dome in what seemed like the first and final time.

And then Notre Dame announced they're headed to the ACC. If they can make it there sooner than later, then the Grants shall battle once more...

"I had said, I’m up in Notre Dame, I’m up in Syracuse, they’re never going to play each other after this year," Harvey Grant said. "But oh man, now it’s great. I’m happy to hear that. Oh my goodness, yeah."

"It’s very exciting," said Beverly Grant. "I’m very excited to see that they’ll be playing against each other again. It makes it easier for me. That’s one game that I don’t have to decide (whether to watch one son or the other)."

The big winners are Harvey and Beverly Grant, who will be able to get multiple uses out of that inevitable half-and-half Syracuse/Notre Dame shirt.

Of course, all of this depends on Notre Dame getting out way before the 27-month requirement. Considering SU, Pitt and West Virginia all found a way to get out early, methinks the Irish will find a way.

I don't know if anyone keeps stats like "No. of brothers who have played one another in two different conferences," but the Grants might be the first.

The news also means that all three of their sons will have played ACC ball. The eldest son, Jerai Grant, played for the Clemson Tigers before going pro in Europe.