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Wish Scoop Jardine A Happy Birthday & Pick Up Some Lug Nuts While You're At It


First of all, it's Scoop Jardine's birthday. Let him know. Maybe he'll retweet you on behalf of his birthday...which makes no sense but I'm sure you'll ask for one.

Second, in case you didn't hear, Scoop is now a radio host. He's become the temporary co-host of the Syracuse Legends Show, which airs every Friday at 6 p.m. on ESPN Radio 97.7 and 100.1 FM. He'll join Mike Brisol on the air, at least until the Charlotte Bobcats finally get back to him.

Finally, if you've been waiting for the chance to meet Scoop and you've also been putting off getting some new windshield wipers, tonight is everything you've ever hoped and dreamed for.

Syracuse University basketball fans will have a chance to meet and talk with former Orange player Scoop Jardine and former player/current assistant coach Adrian Autry at the NAPA Auto Parts store on 410 N. Midler Avenue in Syracuse tonight between 5 and 7 p.m.

First person to buy an air freshener, get Scoop to sign it and then post that photo online, wins a prize. Other than the prize of having a Scoop Jardine-signed vanilla air freshener, I suppose.