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Syracuse Football Camp: Brandon Reddish, Beckett Wales & Jay Bromley Shine On Day 3

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Day three is in the books for the 2012 Syracuse Orange football team. What did we learn?

The biggest plus of this year is the sheer number of players in camp. Unlike years past, SU can actually have full split squad drills, making it easier on the coaches and better for the players.

The heroes of the day are CB Brandon Reddish and TE Lord Beckett Wales. Dave Rahme thinks it would be unwise to assume Reddish is going to give back that starting spot when Keon Lyn is healthy and we might have a battle on our hands. He also believes Wales has all the tools to be the team's top TE, though if anyone is going to challenge him it's going to be freshman Ron Thompson (obv).

JUCO transfer Davon Walls still isn't in camp but it's only a matter of time according to Nolan Weidner. Marrone says its more of a "better safe than sorry" approach to his academics than anything.

Nolan liked what he saw out of freshman DB Julian Whigham, who had a nice interception and batted pass during practice.

Every time a RB catches a ball over the middle, Tyrone Wheatley says, ‘Best in the nation, best in the nation." Who knew that's all it took?

Did you know Syracuse DE Deon Goggins had his own t-shirt company before digging in and pursuing a football career? It was called Ch@mps and I'd like to think he'll be on a t-shirt with the word Champs again very soon.

"I'm really excited playing on the edge now, because I really get to use my speed and my strength and I have space," Goggins said in a recent phone interview. "I think the group as a whole is going to be great. It's going to be a big surprise for the world to see."

Defensive tackle Jay Bromley likes to visualize himself making a big play right before he does it. If you believe it, you can achieve it, you guys.

"I see myself getting off the line as fast as I can, making strip sacks, tackling people," Bromley said of his non-stop mental reel. "You have to have aspirations to be a great player. It doesn’t just come. I wouldn’t have aspirations if I don’t see myself dominating."

The quarterbacks spent the day working on quick-fire plays and adjusting to bad snaps and quick decisions. According to the D.O., it went so-so...

Overall, the quarterbacks and wide receivers struggled with timing. Nassib and Charley Loeb were sharp on quick slants and passes to tight ends, but rarely connected on deep balls. John Kinder and Terrel Hunt had a rough time getting into a rhythm once they rotated into the drill, misfiring on many of their repetitions.

Next week is the Fort Drum practices and Marrone is concerned about the schedule and the challenges involved:

"The schedule’s tight, there’s a lot of different types of training going on, both physical and mental. Our focus is 100 percent football, so obviously there’s a lot of mental training that’s going on there."