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Syracuse Football Camp Day 2: All Eyes On Hickey

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Day two of Syracuse Orange football camp is in the books. What did we learn?

Dave Rahme was there and he came away with a few notables...

Everything we've heard about Ryan Norton seems to be true. Kid's got a boot. Expect him to be the kickoff specialist while Das Boot Ross Krautman handles field goals and PATs.

The team is still waiting on JUCO transfer Davon Walls to arrive. Rahme heard he is expected to be on the field Wednesday, a day later than planned. Better late than never to get the 315 pounder in uniform.

Rahme has a feeling that Ron Thompson and Josh Parris are playing for their redshirt lives. He's got good things to say about Thompson's size and hands, which sounds kinda creepy.

Finally, Rahme loves him some defensive end Markus Pierce-Brewster. He's "s flat-out fast" and seems to have the natural tools to adjust quicker than some other newbies.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Christopher Clark from East Los Angeles College was at practice, though he remains out nursing a wrist injury.

Rahme also spoke with Sean Hickey, who has the unenviable task of subbing for Justin Pugh while he recover from injury. Hickey is coming off a major injury himself, one that cost him all of last season. He' ready to prove he can handle the load and Pugh believes Hickey can do it as well.

All summer I was working left pass sets, left run-block footwork and getting used to the left side," Hickey said. "I’m very confident now, and I’m very excited."

"I’ve been working with him every day to make sure he’s ready to go if I’m not ready to go," Pugh said. "He’s a hell of a player. If I can’t play I know we’ll be all right."

The D.O. notes that Marrone is spending a lot of time with the tight ends this year, that is, when he's not focused on Sean Hickey.

They also note that the defense is all about tackling form right now, with Jay Bromley setting the tone.