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Syracuse-Georgetown Set to Explode GameDay and Earth on March 9th

Your newspaper prints lies, loser.
Your newspaper prints lies, loser.

Welp, time to ruin Georgetown's existence. Again.

As you may or may not have heard, ESPN Gameday is headed down to Washington, D.C. for pretty much the most important thing on the planet:

And then, in the final scheduled weekend of the season, "GameDay" takes things to a whole ‘nother level. On March 9, the crew will begin their day in Washington, D.C., where Georgetown will host hated rival Syracuse in what could be the series’ final game, depending on Syracuse’s willingness to schedule the Hoyas after the Orange complete their move to the ACC next season.

KABOOM! Just as Mike Tranghese predicted 15 years ago while eating clam chowder on a Newport pier.

The last time that Georgetown hosted Syracuse, well, the Hoyas were dopey jerks. To wit:

  • Georgetown attempted to keep Syracuse fans out of Verizon Center because they didn't want to play in front of more than 200 fans and scare their own team.
  • Syracuse fans ended up getting tickets anyway.
  • Syracuse fans were called robots.
  • Syracuse won. No doink.
  • 101100110101000 <--- That's robot for "Jim Boeheim is going for his second gold medal. John Thompson is still clutching his bronze."

Also, this:

Also, this: