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Mazel Tov! Brandon Reese Going Pro In Israel


Brandon Reese, the Syracuse Orange walk-on-turned-scholarship player who just graduated, will be spending next season playing professionally in Israel for Maccabi Hod Hasharon.

"I just got back from Israel on Friday,’’ Reese said. "I signed the contract today. I’m very excited.’’

Maccabi Hod Hasharon, which is based in Tel Aviv, begins its training camp in early September.

Hasharon is a part of Liga Leumit, which is the second-tier basketball league in Israel. Because I'm sure you're wondering (I know I was), this is not the Israeli team that Bernie Fine is consulting for. That's Maccabi Bazan Haifa of the Israeli Basketball Super League.

As far as I can tell, the team finished 13-13 last season and features three American players (or at least did last season). Foreign leagues limit the number of American players that teams can sign so chances are that may change, though Reese says he is going to apply for dual citizenship. Hope he's brushed up on his Haftorah (I'm assuming gaining Israeli citizenship is just like getting Bar Mitzvahed).

Whoever had "Bradon Reese will have a pro basketball job before Scoop Jardine," collect your winnings.