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Want To Impress Jim Boeheim? Take Him To Your Mall & Graveyard


Jim Boeheim checks in with another blog from the 2012 Olympics and, as usual, regales us with tales of shock and awe at things that may or may not be deserving of them.

In China, Jim was amazed by the way the staff at the hotel tried to make their guests feel nice. In London, Jim is equally blown away by the size of their shopping facilities:

Harrods is unbelievable. It’s a department store, the largest department store in the world. It sits on five acres and has a million square feet of space. It has something like 330 departments, more than 30 restaurants . . . everything. The place is huge. I mean, huge. You know Macy's? Well, it's like Macy’s, only bigger.

330 departments + 30 restaurants = everything. Just in case you wanted to build the perfect shopping mall.

"Like Macy's, only bigger" sounds a lot like Jim's eventual "London is like Syracuse, only bigger" comparison.

Now, did I buy anything? No. No. The prices are unbelievable. Unbelievably high. So we just looked around and ate lunch. But that was good. That was all right.

I agree with Jim, though I will note that HE IS A MILLIONAIRE. If he wants to spend 50 quid on a toothbrush, that's not even gonna register on his credit card statement.

As for Westminster Abbey . . . wow. That’s where all the kings and queens and other people are buried.

There's some perfect about Jim being pleasantly in awe about a place where people are buried.

Mary Queen of Scots is buried there.

At least we know he's learning...

A whole bunch of interesting people are buried there.


Boeheim keeps taunting us that he won't have much more time for sightseeing but I don't believe him. Besides, it's so much more important than those silly basketball games.