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Syracuse Football Depth Chart Intriguing, Meaningless

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As the 2012 Syracuse Orange football season kicks off, the official pre-camp depth chart has been released. And while it's full of curious placements, it's also very wise to note upfront that it's probably going to change just about every day until the season starts.

As for those aforementioned curious moves...

  • Two-year starter Marquis Spruill, who spent his previous years locking down the middle linebacker slot, is now 2nd on the chart at the Sam linebacker position behind Dan Vaughan. Siriki Diabate is currently the starting MLB. Spruill is returning to camp after an injury kept him out all spring.
  • Alec Lemon, the team's No. 1 receiver, is No. 2 on the depth chart for the X-receiver slot behind Jeremiah Kobena. Don't expect that to hold.
  • Andrew Phillips moves to left tackle where he'll backup Sean Hickey while we all pray that Justin Pugh's body magically repairs itself sooner than later.
  • Wither Kristofer Curtis? Curtis was listed as a starter at the end of spring ball and now he's MIA from the depth chart altogether.
  • Deon Goggins remains behind Donnie Simmons in the fight for one of the defensive end spots. Eric Crume takes over at nose tackle for Cory Boatman, who told the Daily Orange it was a "long story" as to why he's gone but that it had nothing to do with Coach Marrone.
  • Keon Lyn, coming off an injury, is backing up Ri'Shard Anderson at one corner spot while Brandon Reddish takes the lead on the other.