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Mookie Jones Thanks 'All Of The Syracuse Fans For Sticking With Me'

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We know that Mookie Jones won't be returning to the Syracuse Orange basketball team next season. However, his plans for the future remained in doubt until today.

Mookie released a statement today via 610 Sports Management confirming what you already knew and reminding you why you liked him so much in the first place:

As most of you already heard, I am not coming back to Syracuse for my final season. As sad as it is not being able to play in the Carrier Dome anymore I have to thank a few people first. I want to thank my coaches for the last 3 years. They have been through a lot with me and have helped me through all my tough times and helped my game develop. I want to also thank all of my teammates from the last 3 years and I look forward to watching this group of Syracuse players, play well this year and win. Last of all I would like to thank all of the Syracuse fans for sticking with me and always being behind me. I plan to come back to Syracuse in the future and getting that degree that I have always wanted. I really appreciate everyone at Syracuse University and wish everyone the best.

I have decided that I will continue my career overseas. I have signed with 610 Sports Management team led by Corey Mccoy and with Zack Charles. 610 has a great team and has been very helpful to me over the past weeks and I look forward to joining them and helping them build as well as them helping my career build. Next season I hope to play in the National Basketball League of Canada. I look forward to playing very hard and proving to every one that I was meant to play this game.

Thank you,


Fare the well, Mookie. May the Mookpocalypse live on gloriously in Canada or wherever else you end up (BTW, does this mean you can unblock me on Twitter now?).