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Syracuse Daily Links - The Orange Have A Tarzan Issue

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Syracuse University football team looks more like Tarzan this season, but how will it play? |
"One of my former coaches used to say looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane," Bromley said. "We try to stay as far away from that as possible. Look like Tarzan and play like King Kong. That’s the way I think."

Orange Insider - Northwestern at Syracuse: Wildcats provide intriguing test for SU in opener |
The Syracuse and Northwestern football teams share minority status in the Football Bowl Subdivision, each being a relatively small, private school trying to stay afloat in a sea dominated by large, public football factories. One has a proud history and a rocky recent past. The other has a checkered history but an encouraging recent past. Each is coached by an alum.

Syracuse football cartoon: Orange football is back |
It's finally here! The 2012 Syracuse University Football season! It all gets underway this Saturday at Noon in the Carrier Dome against Northwestern. If this is your first time checking out the Syracuse Sports Cartoon blog, I'll have a new SU sports inspired cartoon every week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!

Poliquin: Doug Marrone's big challenge, his fourth season running Syracuse football, is about to begin |
"For us, it’s a matter of getting out on the field and performing," proclaimed Doug, before citing the canon embraced by every football coach to have ever drawn breath. "Basically, you have to tackle well on defense, you got to execute on offense and make plays, and play sound on special teams."

Syracuse Football: Five big questions before the 2012 season begins |
Is Doug Marrone on the hot seat? No, he's not. Now, he may be on your personal hot seat and a few national writers have placed him there, but he is not on the hot seat in the eyes of the most important person who makes that call. 11500016-standard.jpgFrank Ordonez/ The Post Standard 2012 Daryl Gross.

Bud and Brent Show: What unit needs to step up for Syracuse in football opener? |
Give it a click as Bud and I chat about: *Which unit has to be ready from the word "go" this season and step up for the Orange? *Could this team start out the season 0-2 and still have a successful season? *Both of our season predictions.

Syracuse football freshman kicker Ryan Norton ready to give opponents a tough choice |
"I’m just excited. I can’t wait for the first time," said Norton, who also played midfield on Garden City’s state champion lacrosse team last spring. "I’m just focusing on kickoffs first, because this is what I came in to do," he said.

Syracuse University football line coach Tim Doust offers a mini-review of his four new defenders |
On Walls: "Playing with his pads on he is the most powerful. Tool-set wise he’s the best of all three of them. He could really be a good player for us down the road."

Audio: Dave Rahme, Doug Marrone talk Syracuse vs. Northwestern football on Gomez & Dave |
Dave Rahme, football writer for The Post-Standard, on Friday morning talked with Gomez & Dave of Syracuse radio station TK99 about the Orange's upcoming season opener against Northwestern.

But who did Jack pick???