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Syracuse Football Chopped: Northwestern Mystery Basket

Four quarters. Two halves. Only one chance to win.

The challenge...create an unforgettable football game from the mystery items hidden in this basket before time runs out.

Our distinguished panel of chefs will critique their work. And one by one, they must face the dreaded chopping block.



Who will win the football game? And who...will be Chopped?


Two competitors think they have what it takes to by the Chopped Champion. Here are the rules...

There are 12 rounds. Each round comes with it's own basket of mystery ingredients. You MUST USE every ingredient in the basket in some way. Also available to you, Club 44's pantry and fridge.


Each round is timed. When the clock runs out our judges will critique your dish on presentation, taste and also, creativity. If your dish doesn't cut it, you will not move on to the next round. You will be Chopped.


Chefs, please open your Northwestern baskets.

And your dishes must include...


Thirty minutes on the clock. Time starts now (leave your dishes in the comments below).

(Bonus points if you use ingredients commonly-used in Hispanic dishes and pronounce them like Aaron Sanchez would...)


Images and GIFs courtesy of WTFChopped, which is my new favorite Tumblr.