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Syracuse vs. Northwestern: Remember The Lax-Slo-Mo


Still working up the energy to hate the Northwestern Wildcats? Maybe the problem is that you're staying in the realm of football. Instead, why not take a step back and think about another area in which Northwestern University revealed itself to be a cowardly, cheap institution full of athletes and coaches who play sports in the most unfulfilling, unentertaining and unfair way possible.

Women's lacrosse.

In case you don't remember or weren't on Twitter that night, Northwestern stalled and delayed their way to an 8-6 victory in the Women's Lax National Championship over Syracuse in what has to have been the most boring and most unwatchable sporting event in the history of the planet. The Wildcats play was described as "nauseatingly disgusting" by some, "a brutal, ugly brand of lacrosse" by others and led one Syracuse player to assume that NU players were scared to play fair.

As Syracuse fans, we can live with one of our teams losing in an honest head-to-head battle, but when the opposing school plays like a bunch of cowards, then we remember that.

I'm not quite sure how the Northwestern football team plans to stall but I'm sure they'll find a way. Hopefully, we can do just enough to overcome it in this inevitable 9-6 showdown.

Let's win this one for the ladies, huh?