What The P-S Won't Tell You About...The Northwestern Wildcats

Rahme. Ditota. Weidner.

Names synonymous with journalistic professionalism. Reporters who do their best to cover the appropriate angles required by you, the SU football consumer. Ahead of the big game, they'll give you the facts, figures and quotes. But are they REALLY telling you everything you need to know? What about the conjecture? The biased opinion?? The absolute nonsense???

Friends, I'm likely to go down in flames and bring complete shame to myself in the process, but nevertheless I'm here to try and fill that void. Introducing "what the Post-Standard (P-S) won't tell you about...", a series of weekly game previews covering each of SU's 2012 football opponents. It's meant to be good-natured b.s., and I simply hope it will give you a laugh or two as the season progresses. Thanks, and Go Orange! (click for larger image)