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Syracuse Football: Cory Boatman, Shu Mungwa & Riley Dixon No Longer On Roster

Cory Boatman "graduates" from SU football
Cory Boatman "graduates" from SU football

With the 2012 Syracuse Orange football camp kicking off this weekend, it's only right that we get one annual tradition out of the way right now. The annual announcement of players we expected to be on the roster who are no longer on the roster with no real explanation as to why.

Cory Boatman, who was listed as the starting nose tackle on the Orange post-spring depth chart, and Shu Mungwa, a second-year safety out of New Jersey who came to SU after originally committing to Stanford, were not among players on the roster and depth chart included in the new 2012 media guides.

Also missing was walk-on punter/kicker Riley Dixon from Blossvale, near Camden, a graduate of Christian Brothers High School.

Boatman is the big name considering he was the starting nose tackle in the post-spring depth chart. The 281-pounder played in every game last year, starting one. With so many question marks about the defensive line already, this isn't helping matters. It sounds like Eric Crume has been elevated to starting nose tackle for the time being.

As for Shutang Mungwa, that's a bummer considering his rising talent, on the field and in the rap game. Marrone praised Mungwa in the spring and was thought to have some potential to see the field this year. We had high hopes for him in the coming years so...bummer.

Finally, Dixon was a bit of an odd-man out in the kicking game. He was already the No. 2 punter on a roster that's about to add its fifth kicker in Ryan Norton. He was a walk-on last year.

As Nolan notes, all three were members of the athletics director’s honor roll so it's unlikely academics are the issue here. He also notes that Boatman has left SU altogether while the other two remain in the SU directory for the moment.

Bummer. Fare the well, fellas.