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Believe It Or Not, Jim Boeheim Finds Tourist Attraction Unworthy Of His Time

Basketball coach. Poet. American.
Basketball coach. Poet. American.

Jim Boeheim is blogging again! He's saying things about London! Gather round children!

You know, the funny thing about Thursday’s game is that Nigeria isn’t that bad. They’re not great, but they’re not bad.

I feel like that's what Boeheim says about every team we play in December, too.

We scored 49 points in the first quarter . . . that that's a 10-minute quarter! I remember once in high school back in Lyons, we scored 40 points in an eight-minute quarter. We went 16-for-22. But that wasn't like this.

Not only do I love that Boeheim worked a Lyons High School basketball game into the conversation, but that he also knew the team's shooting percentage on the day.

On the tourist front...

Honestly, coach, it's the only front I care about...

...I did ride the London Eye on our day off. It's a Ferris wheel kind of deal and I’m afraid of heights, so I wasn’t the best candidate to go on that. But it was big enough so that I could sit in the middle. It only moves about one mile an hour, so I was all right.

There is no Ferris wheel kind of deal too big that Jim Boeheim can't overcome begrudgingly.

We also walked along the river for about an hour and a half. That would be the River Thames.

Thanks Jim. Knowing London, we certainly wouldn't have been able to figure out which river you were talking about. So many rivers, so many possibilities.

And the kids, who are going to London Tower today, went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not on Thursday, but I haven’t gotten a report on that yet.

No, I didn’t go with them. Not to Ripley’s. I can miss that one. Maybe it's me, but I don’t think Ripley’s qualifies as one of those historical sites that I need to see.

BREAKING: We've found a tourist attraction that even Jim Boeheim thinks is lame.

By the way, there goes that Ripley's Believe It Or Not Club 44 Sponsorship. Sorry, DOC Gross, you can rip up the contract.