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West Virginia's Joe Madsen Seems Confused

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Career record as a player against Syracuse: 1-2
Career record as a player against Syracuse: 1-2

USA Today recently did a piece on the West Virginia Mountaineers about their first season in the Big 12 and the excitement that lies ahead.

The article opens with a quote from junior center Joe Madsen, who explains that playing in the Big East got a little boring recently.

"I hate to say it," the senior center said, "but we kind of put it in neutral in some games we played last year in the Big East. There were teams like Syracuse where you thought, 'OK, we beat them so many times.' "

Cool story, bro. Except, I have some concerns...

Madsen is a redshirt senior this season, which means he has been with the team since 2008. Here's how the West Virginia - Syracuse series shook out over that time:

2008: West Virginia 17 - Syracuse 6

2009: West Virginia 34 - Syracuse 13

2010: Syracuse 19 - West Virginia 14

2011: Syracuse 49 - West Virginia 23

So you can understand my confusion. If you count every time these two schools played while Madsen has been there, the series is tied. And if you only count games when Madsen was actually playing, when he personally could affect the outcome of the game, Syracuse leads the series 2-1.

Oh and the point differential? West Virginia 88, Syracuse 87.

West Virginia may have beaten us "so many times" recently, but you sir, did not.

I just watched the 30 For 30 episode "The U" and to me, saying you took your foot off the gas because you were bored is something the Miami Hurricanes of the 80's might say.

West Virginia, I grew up watching Miami, I knew Miami, Miami was an enemy of mine. West Virginia, you're no 80's Miami.

Stick to talking crap about schools you've beaten in this decade.


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