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Syracuse Lacrosse Has #AllTheGoalies

Women weaken knees, Dominic.
Women weaken knees, Dominic.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Syracuse Football chatter for this brief update on Syracuse Orange Lacrosse fall ball.

If the end of that sentence was complete gibberish to you, let me explain. During the fall, lacrosse teams are allowed to hold practices and take part in exhibition games and, in our case, it's usually capped with some kind of alumni game with crazy shorts. It's great because it gives the teams a chance to gel and for the freshman to get some experience in the off-season. It's also terrifying because it reminds you of all the reasons your team lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last season.

Remember goalie John Galloway? Much like Pope John Paul II, there is an entire generation of people who didn't know a world existed without either of them doing their job. The idea that someone else would be goalie for Syracuse/Pope just seemed weird until it finally happened.

I can't speak for Catholics but I can tell you Orange fans are still coming to terms with it. And the fact that there are seven (SEVEN!) goalies in camp this year tells you everything you need to know about the state of the position (Oh and that doesn't include the two incoming goalies in recruiting classes) via Donnie Webb...

Goalies returning to campus this fall are:

Bobby Wardwell (sophomore), Matthew Lerman (r-junior), Ben Levy (junior), Dominic Lamolinara (junior) and Ben Romagnoli (sophomore). Walk-on Michael George (sophomore) did not return to the team. Freshmen goalies who are beginning classes at SU this semester are Tyler Avallone (Mendham, N.J.) and Evan Molloy (Manhasset). All seven are listed in the Syracuse student directory.

Last year, Syracuse's goalies were ranked 46th in D-I in save percentage. So, you know, this is probably a good thing.

Meanwhile over at College Crosse, Glaude is counting down his Impossibly Early, Definitely Perfect (Sort of), Rock-Solid (Maybe) Pre-Fall Ball Top-20 and Syracuse just came in at No. 13:

The faceoff concerns from 2012 remain, as does the totality of production from the offense. These are not good things. In fact, these are really bad things, like finding out that your boss moonlights as a mild money launderer and your 401(K) plan has been his vehicle for minor felonious activities.

Have we ever asked "Is it basketball season yet?" during Syracuse lacrosse season?