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Syracuse Football: Myles Davis To Miss 2012 Season With Lower Body Inury

The go-to pic for when a Syracuse player's season ends due to injury.
The go-to pic for when a Syracuse player's season ends due to injury.

Damn you, Lower Body Injury. You stalk the Syracuse Orange like AIRBHG stalks Iowa running backs.

We had a feeling from reports a few days ago that Syracuse freshman fullback Myles Davis was going to be out for a while. When Doug Marrone said he didn't expect Davis to be available for a while, that spelled doom. And so it came to pass late afternoon Tuesday when the school announced that Davis would miss the 2012 season due to a lower body injury that required surgery.

Davis has torn his ACL previously but no word on whether or not this is related. The surgery has already been performed and Myles will now have to rest it out.

It's been a frustrating road for Davis, to say the least. He was the first player to commit to SU in the Class of 2010 but ended up going to Milford Academy due to academics. He was doing great before tearing his ACL, which required two surgeries and lots of rest time. He finally made it to SU this year this.

I don't want to speculate too much since I don't know any details but Davis' story is usually the kind that ends with the player never stepping foot on the field for an actual game. I hope I'm wrong on that account.