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The 2012 Quest For Beef: Calling All Photoshoppers

In 2008, we quested for Toronto.

In 2009, we quested for the Northern Lands nevermore.

In 2010, we turned out eyes to Beef, eventually passing it by.

In 2011, we kept our eyes on that Beef, and fell short.

It's 2012 and we still do not have the Beef we have quested all these years for. And so we must quest on.

But we cannot quest without a logo and a Quest-O-Meter and little helmets that we can X-out everytime we beat that team.

Clearly, I can't do this stuff. I need help. So if you think you've got what it takes, we need the 2012 Quest For Beef version of this:


It's required to include some kind of meter that I can change as we get closer or farther from beef and the helmets which can X'd out. Everything else is up to you. I'm certainly not going to say no to a collage of fun Syracuse football-related images. As you might imagine, the more absurd or sublime, the better. Gotta get this up by Friday so hurry up and post a link or pic of your entry in the comments. I'll pick the winner by Thursday night!