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Why Doug Marrone's Depth Chart Angers Me Even When We Saw it Coming

Doug Marrone probably counting ors to pass the time. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Doug Marrone probably counting ors to pass the time. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When my buddy Jake Moskowitz of Orange Fizz covered Doug Marrone's press conference to preview Northwestern, I was most excited to grab a quick look at the Opening week depth chart. Instead, it looked like a mental shopping list of mine: indecisions and mark outs erased in favor of seeing what I feel like at that time. I've seen more "ors" only at my high school's annual crew regatta's.

All kidding aside, I was angry when I saw it at first. What program releases their official depth chart proclaiming uncertainty just a week before the opening game, especially with how important this game could be? Is Doug Marrone really this unhappy with progress of the team?

But in reality, we all saw it coming.

According to HCDM himself, this has not been a great spring for the Orange. Some of the most talked about players in camp have been freshman who will impact the team, but not nearly as much as say a change in the offensive system or the top available wide out getting hurt or even the availability of the Orange's best defensive player. It doesn't help when Ryan Nassib is openly saying the team isn't ready for week one.

This was going to be an epic rant going off about Marrone's developing lack of openness with the media or how laughable Syracuse football administration was behaving with the upper and lower body injuries. But instead it's more of a disheartened resignation.

Syracuse has a brutal schedule with mid level talent at best. They need to come out of the gate strong and take of business at home against level opponents. But as of now, the team is a work in progress that may fail to live up to our meager, yet still optimistic, hopes in 2012.