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Powell Brother To Play Lacrosse For...Cortland? Is That Legal?

Casey Powell (#7) is like, "Bro?"
Casey Powell (#7) is like, "Bro?"

Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers hug. And Brothers also play lacrosse for the Syracuse Orange. The Gaits, The Powells, The Thompsons. The Deskos. SU lacrosse is a family affair.

And so, that's what makes this new so upsetting (via Dave Rahme)...

Mason Powell, the youngest member of lacrosse’s celebrated family of brothers, will play next season for SUNY Cortland.

Mason helped lead Cazenovia High School to state championships in ice hockey and lacrosse as a junior in 2011. He transferred for his senior year to the Hill Academy in Vaughn, Ontario.

So what went wrong? Where did we fail Mason? Was there no peer pressure? Powell Brothers, WHERE WAS YOUR PEER PRESSURE???

"I think there was sort of pressure from outside people who are looking at the situation, (as in) he’s the fourth brother and he has to go to ‘Cuse and carry on the dynasty and tradition," Powell said. "My brothers and family never pressured me. I never even wanted to go to ‘Cuse. They never really pressured me or wanted me to go there, either. My brothers said it’s not the tradition of going to ‘Cuse I’m carrying, but fighting for a national championship.

In all seriousness, dude can go wherever he wants and good for him for not just doing what he was expected to do by others. Would have been fun to complete the set and have another Powell on the roster but I guess we'll just have to wait for Casey's first-born.

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