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Syracuse Daily Links - New York's College State Fair Team

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Syracuse University Athletics - New York's College Team Partners with NY State Fair
Orange nation -- enjoy two of New York's popular events with a special offer. All college football fans who attend the New York State Fair are invited to purchase a ticket to Syracuse University's 2012 football season-opener against Northwestern on Saturday, September 1 (12:00 p.m., ESPN2) for only $10.

Where will Syracuse rank in ESPN's Top 50 basketball programs? |
The big question; other than which school will be named the top program of the last 50 year, is where will Syracuse be ranked?

Kentucky-L'ville, UNC-UNLV among must-see nonconference face-offs - Andy Glockner -
11. Syracuse vs. San Diego State (Battle of Midway, Nov. 9) The Orange rarely leave New York for a nonconference road game, so traveling cross-country to play a loaded SDSU team on an aircraft carrier definitely earns them brownie points. At least the Orange will feel at home with the ocean as a shooting background.

Laurie Fine's lawyer: ESPN's not protected from libel claim |
"They knew full well that Davis’ allegations were simply scandalous and totally irrelevant and immaterial to his lawsuit against Boeheim," Fisher said in an interview. "They knew that because the judge said it, but also by simply looking at his complaint against Boeheim and the Davis affidavit. A 4-year-old could tell that those two things had nothing to do with each other."

Does college basketball have a transfer problem? |
SU coach Jim Boeheim, when I talked to him in the spring for I story I was writing about the APR, was astonished to learn then that the number had crept toward 300. He was stunned that so many players decided to transfer. (Which, by the way, impacts a school's APR.)

Syracuse football cornerback Brandon Reddish moves into starting rotation |
"They told me I had a good spring and just to keep it up," Reddish said. "That doesn’t mean I’m starting right now, because me, Keon and Ri’Shard (Anderson) are all in competition. The whole DB room is all in competition. And at the end of camp we’ll see who is the starter."

Syracuse University football receiver Jeremiah Kobena made the most of his shot Monday |
Kobena (6-foot, 182 pounds) responded with several nice grabs in traffic. His performance was an encouraging sign, as he possesses the speed to run past defenders and make big plays, an element that was missing from the offense last season. Kobena had endured a rough camp, failing to catch the ball consistently until Monday’s display, and was buried deep on the depth chart at receiver.

Poliquin: Donnie Henderson, Syracuse's new DBs coach, is back with the kids again |
"The pro player thinks it and says it; the college player thinks it and doesn’t relate it," Henderson explained. "The college player will listen to you in detail; the pro player will listen to what you say and detail it for him."

Justin Pugh — Meet the 2012 Syracuse football team | The Juice Online
Syracuse coach Doug Marrone’s job will be even more difficult this fall with the uncertainty of the return of Justin Pugh. pugh Pugh is coming off shoulder injury The All Big East tackle suffered a shoulder injury during spring practice and missed the spring game. He also has been sidelined for all of preseason camp.

Doug Marrone on Syracuse schedule: 'We're going to know exactly where we are as a football program' |
A lot of people have talked about that and we probably do have the toughest out-of-conference schedule from a Division I team, but that's what we've done before. When I was here as a player, we played Florida, Nebraska. You know what? We're going to go out there and we're going to show up and we're going to know exactly where we are as a football program.

Ranking the ACC Out-of-Conference Schedules | ATLANTIC COAST CONFIDENTIAL
USC and Missouri. That alone puts them atop the list. Add in Northwestern and Minnesota as two more BCS-level opponents. Even Stony Brook is a high-level FCS opponent. Syracuse gets the AC/DC Honorary "Big Balls" Award.

Syracuse Football 2012 Predictions - BeyondU Sports
I’m feeling another postseason trip to the Bronx for the Orange and Coach Marrone and it would be interesting to see them battle TCU, a team that they were supposed to face in conference play this season before their change of heart and a move to the Big 12. However I don’t think Syracuse is capable of taking down such a talented team with experience in big-time bowl games but a postseason berth would either way be a nice end to the season for this Syracuse team.

Gene DeFilippo's Retirement Sparks Calls For Boston College And UConn To Bury The Hatchet - BC Interruption
Boston College's primary Northeast rival is Syracuse. Just because BC and UConn once shared a conference affiliation in hoops and are separated by just 80 miles of interstate doesn't mean any potential BC-UConn football rivalry will ever trump the history that BC and Syracuse have with one another. The Eagles have faced the Orange on the gridiron more times than any other program outside of Worcester. The Rivalry Week where DiMauro pines for BC and UConn fans to exchange "venomous chatter" is earmarked for BC and Syracuse, not BC and UConn.

Syracuse and Cornell won't meet in 2012-13 college basketball season |
Syracuse and Cornell have met on the hardwood 118 times in their history. The first meeting was on Feb. 16, 1901 in the first year Syracuse fielded an organized basketball team. Syracuse won the game 18-15. But the two Upstate New York schools did not play each other last season and they won't meet again in 2012-13.

The Syracuse University Football Head Coach addresses how Sean Hickey and Lou Alexander have performed on the offensive line, where he thinks the Running Backs are at, and more.