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Like Wesley Snipes Says, Always Bet On Nassib

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Ryan Nassib enters his fifth-year senior season with the Syracuse Orange football team with the opportunity to etch his name in the school record books. With two years of starter experience and an offense tailor-made for high completion rates, he is expected to rack up the stats.

And if you don't believe me, believe Vegas.

Bovada has released a whole bunch of lines for the 2012 college football season and while Syracuse doesn't come into play in their Heisman or National Title odds, there are some Big East-specific ones that we do.

Who will have the most passing yards in the Big East this year? Ryan Nassib is so much the favorite, he's even money.

Who will have the most passing touchdowns? Nassib (+105) is just off of Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, who is even.

Nassib isn't the only Orange the oddsmakers are keeping an eye on.

Who will have the most receiving yards? Alec Lemon is your favorite at +120. When it comes to receiving touchdowns, he's also the favorite at +115.

Meanwhile, they've also set the Over/Under for Syracuse at 5.5 wins with +175 on the over and -215 on the under.