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Syracuse Football Camp: Devante McFarlane Moves To RB, Doug Marrone Is In No Mood

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The Syracuse Orange football team was back in Syracuse Monday to continue training for the 2012 season. Doug Marrone wasn't happy with the team following Saturday's scrimmage. Did he see anything on Monday to make him feel better?

RB: Doug Marrone hasn't been impressed with Syracuse's running game so far. So, he's bringing freshman Devante McFarlane into the mix, switching him from safety to RB:

"We really moved him over because we think he can help us at running back," Marrone said. "After going through the scrimmage on Saturday and looking at the running back situation, and trying to see some separation there, we wanted to move Devante."

McFarlane was a RB as well as LB in high school and a pretty good one at that. It's also the position he basically said he wanted to play. Let's see if he's the missing piece of the puzzle.

WR: What's up with Adrian Flemming, who was hurt on Saturday? Hell if anyone knows...

"We’re still not sure exactly where he’s at," SU coach Doug Marrone said after practice this morning. "We’re still waiting for an MRI result. We had some pretty good news the day after the injury. Now, it’s just a matter of our doctors evaluating it and telling us how we move forward."

Jarrod West, meanwhile, had a fantastic Saturday. He's been going full-speed all week now and because of his hard work and inability to let the coaches know when he's overworked, the coaches shut him down for the day:

"I made that decision after watching the scrimmage Saturday," Marrone said. "Jarrod’s been the type of player who always goes 110 percent. And we had this problem before where we get very excited about Jarrod and then all of a sudden he doesn’t come out of his cuts fast enough. He’s not going to take himself out. He’s not going to tell us he’s tired, but that’s what the film is showing. So all we’ve done is make sure we’re going to manage him."

Marrone also mentioned that Sir Alec Lemon is on his way back to the field.

TE: Louis Addazio is back! But he's in shorts until his shoulder is all set.

DL: Jay Bromley was back at practice and had lost the protective boot on his foot lower body. He did conditioning but did not participate in drills or hitting.

Even though they're The Meat, Doug Marrone thinks that Davon Walls, Eric Crume, John Raymon and Zian Jones need to work on their conditioning. He also says that Deon Goggins and Marcus Pierce-Brewster, who have been getting positive headlines so far, have been "okay." Marrone is in no mood.