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By The Time You Read This, Jerami Grant Will Be 7'3"

Subtract 6'7" Kris Joseph, add 6'10" DaJuan Coleman and 6'10ish" Jerami Grant.
Subtract 6'7" Kris Joseph, add 6'10" DaJuan Coleman and 6'10ish" Jerami Grant.

College can be a strange time in a young man's life.

All of your lifelong friends are gone and you have to make new ones.

No one is there to make food or clothing choices for you anymore.

Girls are no longer satisfied to just do stuff to you. They actually want you to do stuff to them too now.

There's hair where there wasn't hair before.

All of a sudden, you're the tallest guy in the room, and your room is full of very tall guys.

When incoming freshman Jerami Grant committed to play for the Syracuse Orange, he was listed as 6'7". Along with 6'10" center DaJuan Coleman, Grant was expected to become the Billy Owens to Coleman's, uh, Derrick Coleman.

If the word on the street is true, it might be Grant who is actually going to become Coleman. The other Coleman. Not this Coleman. TOO MANY COLEMANS!!!

That is a lot of inches, Jon Rothstein.

Grant supposedly weighs in around 200 pounds. If you're looking for a better comparison (cause even with the height he ain't no DC), Anthony Davis checked in around 6'10", 200 lbs when he was recruited. Now, I'm not saying Jerami Grant is going to be Anthony Davis, just giving you something to compare him to physically. But by all means, assume this means he'll be the next Anthony Davis...

Of course, some of this could be a rumor not exactly being false but getting away from the truthiness as well. Here's a tweet from Jerami back on August 9th:

That's still two inches up from where he was but it's no 6'11". Either way, it's good news for SU and their front-court future.