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Syracuse Football: You Know "The Bone," Now Meet "The Meat"

It's a picture of meat. What did you want?
It's a picture of meat. What did you want?

Syracuse Orange football fans are familiar with The Bone, the weekly award given out by SU defensive coordinator Scott Shafer to the player with the biggest hit in the previous game.

They're probably not familiar, however, with The Meat. At least not yet.

The Syracuse University football team employed all three of its big transfer defensive tackles – juniors Davon Walls (6-5, 306) and Zian Jones (6-4, 335) and redshirt freshman John Raymon (6-5, 316) – during Saturday’s scrimmage at Fort Drum. While none wowed the crowd with individual dominance, together they formed an imposing physical presence.

"The coaches call us the meat," Walls said. "We’re the meat inside. I’m OK with that. Those are my brothers, what else can I say?"

Opposing teams, just try to beat our meat. I don't think you will. And then we'll end up with the bone.

I'd like to think that everything Scott Shafer says is meat-and/or-meat-by-product related. So when he refers to Walls as "a little bit raw," it works on multiple levels.

How soon before we starting referring to Shafer as "The Butcher?"