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What If Larry King Tweeted About SU: Part II

I'm old, damn it! Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE
I'm old, damn it! Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

Back in April I gave you this complete time waste! A hit it was not. In fact, I don't even think it registered on the internet webs seismograph. But guess what, it's back by no one's demand whatsoever!

What is it, exactly? Well, what follows is a horrible impression of what I think it would look like if Larry King tweeted about all things SU. King is famous for espousing his opinion in a quick rapid fire format. Either by using his raspy voice or in type, King gets right to his point, even if he doesn't exactly make one.

For this exercise, you'll need a good background on the man who, after leaving a massively successful radio/tv gig, can be found at @KingsThings - if you have the means, he's a must follow.

In true Twitter form, the following will be limited to 140 characters, unless it goes longer because I wanted to (Screw you, Twitter police!). Here goes:

...I think, at this point, I'm more excited to see the Dome's new scoreboards than the football team that calls the place home. Ribbons people!

...Does anyone old enough remember the way August used to feel? Actually caring about pre-season magazines, hearing buzz about SU...sad.

...Speaking of nostalgia; there was nothing like that crisp fall air and football on the gridiron, ah, 1911 was a good year.

...Excitement or not, I'll say it again: Doug Marrone is not on the hot seat. The question is, will I say that again come December?

...As a character, Horshak had more depth than anyone Billy Shakespeare ever conjured up!

...USC is going to crush Syracuse. I know this. But I can't help talking myself into something that WILL not happen, right?

...The biggest story line from the Olympics in London? Two words: McKayla, Maroney. She's America's newest Bruce Jenner - but human!

...Speaking of the Olympics, what is wrong with NBC? Tape-delaying events, editing out portions of ceremonies, completely (REDACTED - SENTENCE OVER)

...I'll tell you what, if James Arthur Boeheim tells me Tyronn Lue is better than Michael Jordan, I'm all in on Tyronn Lue.

...Boeheim's rep was recruiter. Then, finally, it was coach. Great, but has anyone noticed his recruiting is pretty damn good again, too!

...Remember the kids game "mash?" Should I be worried its all come true for me, twice?

...It's August, I don't want to feel this way until at least late September, but, C'mon basketball!

...I know a title is the end goal, but the past four or five years have been a lot of fun for us SU hoops fans!

..."Don't take yourself too seriously," says the jealous guy.

Okay, okay, enough! I have to stop thinking and typing like Larry freakin' King before I collapesooooiiiptgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtgtg