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Syracuse Daily Links - Get Ready For Tyler Ennis Thursday


Will Tyler Ennis choose Syracuse Hoops on Thursday? : Sports :
Highly touted 2013 basketball recruit Tyler Ennis is making his big decision on Thursday as to which school he will be attending. Ennis, of Toronto, Ontario, is one of the top rated recruits in the 2013 class and, according to SNY's sports blogger Adam Zagoria, has Syracuse as a front runner for his choice. Ennis is also considering Illinois, Louisville, Memphis and UCLA.

Brandon Triche judges the toughest coach: His dad or Jim Boeheim |
"Right now, probably my dad (is the tougher coach)," Brandon Triche said. "But this year, it's probably going to be even. Because more is going to be expected of me by Boeheim. So if the team's energy is low, it's probably going to be my fault. I'm going to be the one to blame or the one to pick the team up. So my name is going to be in his mouth a lot. He's going to be screaming for me to do better. It's the same thing for my dad -- he just makes me go a little bit harder. I'm going to rebel a little bit and be stubborn. But I'm going to listen and do what he says."

Syracuse University Athletics - Scenes of the Orange in Fort Drum
"The army is also a team," Commanding Major General Milley said. "No general, no captain, no major, no colonel, no sergeant ever has won a battle by themselves. That doesn't happen. The battles are won or lost as a result of the collective effort of the team relative to the collective effort of the enemy. In that regard, we emphasize teamwork all the time."

Former Syracuse University lacrosse star Solomon Bliss grabs reins as football coach at Onondaga Central -
And Bliss may be one of the few active professional athletes in the prep coaching ranks. He recently completed his seventh season in Major League Lacrosse after appearing in 11 games with the Hamilton Nationals, a team that includes former Orange stars Stephen Keogh, Cody Jamieson, Jeremy Thompson.

Soldiers can learn from Syracuse as well - YNN, Your News Now
"I think it gives them a great sense of pride. It lets them show people outside of there, you know, immediate squad and team and just what they do and their expertise," 1st Lt. Joseph DeNenno, a Battalion Fire Support Officer said. "It makes them feel important and gives them a sense of purpose after we came back from a tour like that."

Offense — 2012 Syracuse football preview | The Juice Online
Coming off a disappointing finish in 2011, the Syracuse Orange will look to build on its Pinstripe Bowl victory in 2010 and keep moving forward. Some big names are gone, but veterans are a year more experienced, and an exciting group of newcomers is ready to pick up the slack.

The Morning Orange: Once upon a time, Syracuse's Steve Morrison was Peyton Manning's teammate |
"My experience with the Colts was interesting," said the 6-foot-3 Morrison, now 40, who played linebacker in Indianapolis at around 250 pounds. "I don’t want to say I was lucky, but I didn’t start because I was the best player. I started because guys got hurt. Speed was not my forte. If you’re going to compare my speed to anybody here, compare me to the linemen.

Former Syracuse football player Steve Gregory part of Patriots' plan to revamp defense |
"It’s been heck of a journey," the six-year veteran said. "I can remember coming from college and just stepping into camp as that guy that’s sixth string on the depth chart, and just hoping you could stick around. "To get to this point in my career where I’m at today, it makes me proud, but there’s still a lot of work left ahead of me. I still have a lot of football left to play. I’m still just as motivated and focused as I was back then."

Dime Magazine ( : Daily NBA News, NBA Trades, NBA Rumors, Basketball Videos, Sneakers " Blog Archive " A Rose That Grew From Concrete
Waiter’s workout punctuated his words. His game is street poetry – more staccato than smooth, more Beanie Sigel than Jay-Z – and it drove him to average 12.6 points on nearly 48 percent shooting last season for one of the best teams in college basketball. Wearing Syracuse-hued Nike Zoom Kobe VI’s – "hungry" on the left tongue, "humble" on the right – Dion shared the court with a friend, Niagara forward Scooter Gillette. It was pretty standard: come off a curl, pump fake an imaginary defender, then drive the lane or pop a midrange jumper.

Patriots training camp and Chandler Jones - Grantland
I don't even want to think about what the living room must have looked like. Jones is one of three brothers. One of the brothers, Arthur, now plays defensive line for the Baltimore Ravens, who the Patriots play early this season. The other one, Jon, is the light-heavyweight champion of the UFC and a genuine star in the universe of mixed martial arts. They grew up in upstate New York, sons of a preacher and a woman who worked with the disabled, the three brothers caring for a beloved older sister named Carmen, who was slowly dying with cancer in her brain. If anyone ever earned his place in the unblinking sun, Chandler Jones has.

Hey, what's former Syracuse basketball player Rob McClanahan up to?