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Jim Boeheim & Demon-Zombie Mike Hopkins Teach You Basketball Fundamentals

Just found three random basketball fundamentals videos on YouTube starring Syracuse Orange coaches Jim Boeheim and Mike Hopkins. Let's watch them and learn, shall we?

First up is learning how to catch & pass.

Some highlights...

"...even kids coming to college, we have to sometimes go back and work on something as simple as catching the ball and getting prepared to pass the basketball." Boeheim was about three seconds from adding, "Just ask Fab Melo..."

0:48 - Mike Hopkins does some kind of subtle headshake. He's already lost in his own world.

1:05 - Seriously, Mike Hopkins is a demon and/or zombie.



1:10 - Seriously, either Hopkins is a zombie or someone is holding a gun to his children just off camera.


Okay so we know how to catch and pass, now let's learn all about...our fingertips?

"You can't be a good dribbler of the basketball if you're locked in with one hand." Again...I'm dying for Boeheim to give specific SU examples. You know he's got about thirty.

0:47 - Zombie Hopkins like basket ball. Zombie Hopkins like how basket ball feel.

1:00 - Zombie Hopkins cannot stop looking at basket ball. Zombie Hopkins love basket ball.

Finally, let's work on that jump shot, you guys.

0:01 - This theme music reminds me of the song that Michael Scott did his Booze Cruise speech to, which seems perfect.

0:39 - Zombie Hopkins stands perfectly still...waiting...ever waiting...

1:17 - Coach, I would not put my hand anywhere near him right now...

1:27 - Zombie Hopkins is absolutely wiped after a long day of standing and holding a basketball.