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Syracuse Football: How Important Is Our Front Seven?

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After realizing what Stony Brook had in store for us this season, it occurred to me that we're actually going to be seeing quite a few running backs and mobile quarterbacks this year that boast some impressive statistics.

And when I actually sat down to crunch the numbers, it occurred to me that it is more important that we could ever possibly realize that our front seven be on point this year. Observe...


Kain Colter (QB) - 654 yards, 9 TDs. 15th overall in Big Ten.


Silas Redd (RB) - 1,241 yards, 7 TDs. Fourth overall in Big Ten (for Penn St.).

Curtis McNeal (RB) - 1,005 yards, 6 TDs. Sixth overall in Pac-12.

Stony Brook

Miguel Maysonet (RB) - 1,633 yards, 15 TDs. First overall in Big South.

Marcus Coker (RB) - 1,384 yards, 15 TDs. Second overall in Big Ten (for Iowa)


MarQueis Gray (QB) - 966 yards, 6 TDs. Sixth overall in Big Ten.


Ray Graham (RB) - 964 yards, 9 TDs. Fifth overall in Big East (only played 8 games).


Jawan Jamison (RB) - 897 yards, 9 TDs. Fifth overall in Big East.


Lyle McCombs (RB) - 1,151 yard, 7 TDs. Second overall in Big East.


Darrell Scott (RB) - 814 yards, 5 TDs. Sixth overall in Big East.

B.J. Daniels (QB) - 587 yards, 6 TDs. Eighth overall in Big East.

Demetris Murray (RB) - 503 yards, 8 TDs. 11th overall in Big East.




Dominique Brown (RB) - 533 yards, 4 TDs. 10th overall in Big East.


Henry Josey (RB) - 1,168 yards, 9 TDs. Third overall in Big 12 (May or may not play as he recovers from knee injury).

James Franklin (QB) - 981 yards, 15 TDs. Sixth overall in Big 12.


Matt Brown (RB) - 914 yards, 8 TDs. Eighth overall in MAC.


That's at least four extremely mobile quarterbacks to go with all those 1,000-yard quality RBs, some of whom were running behind guys who are no longer there, hence their stats would be even higher.

I'm looking at you, Deon Goggins, Jay Bromley, Brandon Sharpe and Donnie Simmons...

Fun Fact: Syracuse will face the Big Ten's No. 2 (Marcus Coker), No. 4 (Silas Redd) and No. 6 (MarQueis Gray) rushers from 2011. Only one of them still on 2011 team.