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Rob Murphy Shutting It Down At EMU, Headed To Orlando Magic Per Report

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According to Graham Couch of, former Syracuse Orange assistant coach and current Eastern Michigan head coach Rob Murphy is moving to the Orlando Magic.

CBS Sports has sources saying it would be in the scouting department. However, the Detroit News is reporting that Murphy will be an assistant on the new Magic staff and that even though some coaches believe the hometown coach hasn't made up his mind. A lack of texting the media sends the opposite message. Sporting News is way behind the curve and says that Murphy is only "mulling over" the decision to accept the new position.

Mid-Major Madness does a great job pointing out that Murphy's results at EMU make this kind of move warranted but unusual based on timing. Benjamin Miraski writes that EMU success was very surprising considering what little talent Murphy had to work with. The Eagles won the MAC West and there was little consistencies between the wins.

Although the timing leaves EMU in a rough position, NBA jobs don't grow on trees. The Magic are now moving on from Dwight Howard and Murphy has a chance to work his way up the ladder with a franchise that is looking for a new direction (AKA the door is wide open). I figure some ESPN pundit will use Murphy as yet another "heartless coach leaving his team" but I think 9 out 10 people would make the same move.

Congrats to Coach Murphy on the opportunity and I hope that Orlando has a recording studio in house so he can drop his beats.