Otto's ABC's up for Pre-Orders!

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know about a little project I was lucky enough to be involved with. It's a new book from the SU Bookstore and Mascot Books called Otto's ABC's. Yes, it's a kid book but I'm sure any SU fan or alum would love it. I put my all into it and am really proud of it. It doesn't deal entirely with SU sports (it covers all aspects of SU tradition and history) but there is plenty of SU basketball, football, lacrosse and more covered in this book.


via SU Bookstore

I hope you all like it. It should be out in early October and it is now up for pre-order from the SU Bookstore.

Otto's ABC's

Also, I'll be at Orange Fanfest on August 10th to promote the book. Stop by and see me!

Go Orange!