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Jim Boeheim Continues To Be Such An American Tourist

With that kind of tan, Jim Boeheim should fit in perfectly in England.
With that kind of tan, Jim Boeheim should fit in perfectly in England.

As he continues to put the finishing touches on The Jim Boeheim Guide To Traveling The World, the Syracuse Orange basketball coach is sharing his experiences in London, England as he coaches the U.S. men's basketball team.

And while he continues to be amazing by the Italian food in England and the amount of traffic they have in a major metropolitan city, Boeheim is also experiencing new things and explaining them in the most American tourist-y way possible:

To give everybody a break, we’re going to back off a little by taking today off. We’re going to do some tourist stuff, so the plan is to go up in the London Eye. It’s that gondola thing that goes over the city. I’m not good with heights, but I’m going to give it a try. The whole family is going to do that.

Have you been on or seen the London Eye? Like The Internet and Twitter, I'm pretty sure Jim Boeheim doesn't actually know what a gondola is.

I haven’t done a lot, myself. I’d been to London before, but just in and out. This is my first real time here and I do want to make it to Buckingham Palace. But so far I’ve mostly gone for walks on the street. London is a very clean city and the people are very friendly. And there are shops everywhere.

London is just Syracuse with more shops.

We’re missing the good Olympic events because all we’re getting on TV over here are British athletes. It’s just British stuff. British, British everywhere. Who’d have imagined that?

What Jim Boeheim wouldn't give for a little Two Broke Girls to make him feel closer to home.