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Doug Marrone Is Tired Of Doug Marrone Not Doing A Better Job

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When I first saw this video of the Orange Fizz fellas talking about how Doug Marrone was in a bad mood on Big East Media Day, I wasn't sure if that was really true or not. I had watched a couple interviews he had done and he seemed normal, if not slightly negative about his own performance as head coach of the Syracuse Orange up until this point.

It wasn't until I listened to Marrone's interview with D.A. over at Orange Fizz that I heard it. And they were right, whether it was the questions he was being asked, his being tired after a day of the same stuff or what, Doug sounded annoyed, frustrated and snippy.

On whether or not the program is where he thought it would be by now:

We're not winning enough games. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. We gotta win games. That's all where our focus is.

On whether or not losing games is just part of the process of improving the program:

I don't know any process that people have where losing games is a part of that.

On the end of last season:

I did a poor job. I did a poor job. We have to win more games and it starts with me. I've got to do a better job.

When asked what the bright spot was headed into the 2012 season:

When you say 'what is the bright spot,' you know, my first thought was looking back, you know what I'm saying? I'm tired of looking back, you know what I'm saying? The bright spot is you start again and you say, okay, here we go. What is the 2012 team gonna be, you know?

Catch that double "you know what I'm saying?" I'm pretty sure that's Doug's tell for when he's really annoyed.

On how a lot of SU fans are happy with the state of the program:

I mean, for me to sit here today and say I'm happy...I'm not happy. I want to win football games and in my opinion I haven't won enough. So, I want to go there, I've worked hard this off-season to get myself better. I don't want to say I've worked harder...I've worked hard to get better.

On the state of recruiting:

I'm not gonna lie, from a recruiting standpoint, this is the best I've felt with recruiting.We've gotten on kids early in the process, been able to evaluate them, we've hit on a couple kids, meaning they've developed in high school. We've lost a ton of kids to other universities and schools but its not disappointed us to get out and look at these kids from a younger age.

On whether or not he's rebuilt the recruiting pipelines in New York:

I think it's better. I think I gotta do a better job upstate. I think we've done a good job in the Syracuse area, but I could do a better job in Rochester and Buffalo. I've said that before publicly. I think Downstate, it's gone well. Naturally, you'd think they would go that way because that's where I'm from. So we're working on those relationships. They weren't in good shape when we first got there but we feel very comfortable with where they are right now.

On how he's approaching the Penn State transfer situation:

I just try to do things the right way, I don't look into it more than that. Just make sure I'm comfortable with it.