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Lobsters Look Out, Syracuse Sending Three Linemen To Big East Media Day

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This may be the final Big East Media Day and, as such, final Big East Media Day Clambake ever for the Syracuse Orange. If so, we're going to make those lobsters remember our name.

Doug Marrone will be accompanied by offensive tackle Justin Pugh, offensive guard Zack Chibane, defensive tackle Jay Bromley, wide receiver Alec Lemon and strong safety Shamarko Thomas.

Quite an interesting list.

First of all, no Ryan Nassib? I would not take that as a slight against our third-year signal-caller. If anything, that fits right in with Marrone's 2012 style. Keep things under wraps until they need not be wrapped any longer.

Pugh and Chibane are highly-decorated big men and it's nice to see they'll get to enjoy the trip, represent the Orange and put a serious dent in that all-you-can-eat lobster pot.

Alec Lemon makes sense. Assuming his injury is close to healing (and I don't think Marrone would send him unless it was), he'll be our playmaker. He also has a chance to break some records so I'm sure the media will want to speak with him.

#SHAMARKO. Obviously.

Jay Bromely??? Jay Bromley. Read into that however you like. I take it as high praise for what Marrone thinks of the junior defensive tackle.

Last year, the clambake ended prematurely when they ran out of lobsters. While that is such a Big East thing to do, let's hope they've learned from their mistakes. Mikhail Marinovich won with four lobsters consumed before the tragedy. Ryan Durand remains your all-time Syracuse leader with seven.

Syracuse is the only school sending three lineman to media day and the only school sending five players.