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Syracuse Daily Links - Dion Gets Paid

Cavaliers sign former Syracuse basketball star Dion Waiters to rookie contract |

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed first-round draft picks Dion Waiters and Tyler Zeller to their rookie contracts. Financial terms of the deals were not immediately known.

Big East recruits at The Opening - ESPN Big East Blog

The Opening features nearly all of the top recruits for the class of 2013 at Nike headquarters, as they go through all sorts of training and competition. While none of the 150 prospects there are Big East commits, several undecided players have Big East schools on their lists.

Orange Watch: ‘Orange’ you glad Syracuse is in the ACC? | The Juice Online

The most telling element to come out of this week’s announcement that as the ACC has become the fifth major conference to align itself with one of the six major bowl game properties (Semi-Final-1, Semi-Final-2, Orange, Rose, Champions, and TBD) is that long term security trumps some seasons here and there in which the Orange Bowl game will be just another bowl game matchup of non-national title contenders.

Dion Waiters great fit for Cleveland Cavaliers | The Juice Online

And they will put him alongside Irving as the starting backcourt next season. Even with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Bradley Beal off the board when Cleveland’s pick was up, guys like Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond, and Harrison Barnes were still available. Targeting a wing player, it was either going to be Waiters or Barnes.

Nation Of Orange - Remember When... John Thompson Got Three Technicals?

The game featured historic moments. John Thompson received three technical fouls and was ejected, Syracuse had a 10-point possession, Billy Owens' free throws to send the game into overtime, and Stevie Thompson's game winning layup.

Etan Thomas offers an example NCAA hypocrisy in women's basketball with the case of wife Nichole Oliver - Swish Appeal

In a July 4 HoopsHype article by Etan Thomas, a former Syracuse men's basketball player who last played for the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, weighs in on the hypocrisy and greed of the NCAA.

While such critiques are normally reserved for football and men's basketball, Thomas turns his attention to his then-girlfriend-now-wife and former Syracuse women's basketball player Nichole Oliver who wasn't able to receive payment for a commercial "grossed over $100,000" because it would have made her ineligible to compete.

Bud, Brent, and some fancy green screen technology.