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Big East Media Poll: Syracuse Football Picked Seventh

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Let the low expectations begin!

The Big East preseason media poll has been officially released as Big East Media Day kicks off and the Syracuse Orange find themselves back near the bottom of the pack, at least in terms of expectations.

1. Louisville (24) 219

2. USF (4) 176

3. Rutgers 155

4. Cincinnati 139

5. Pittsburgh 131

6. Connecticut 77

7. Syracuse 70

8. Temple 41

I figured we'd be in that area but I thought we'd be ahead of Connecticut. Not much is expected from the Huskies and my guess would be that we're pitted below them thanks to our non-conference schedule.

Louisville, as expected, is your overwhelming favorite with USF and Rutgers trailing behind. You just know one of those three teams is going 4-8. Right? Pretty sure that's how it works.'s Mike Waters shared his ballot and he had Syracuse up at No. 5 followed by Rutgers, UConn and Temple.