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Lobstergate 2.0: Zack Chibane, Justin Pugh Break School Record Before Big East Runs Out...Again

Justin Pugh and Zack Chibane came through on their promise to break the Syracuse Orange school record of lobsters eaten at the Big East Media Day Clambake. That they did so under dubious Big East-y conditions made it all the more impressive.

The record set by Ryan Durand of seven lobsters fell not once but twice when the two SU lineman decided to split a final lobster and insure that both finished with 7.5 lobsters. They might have increased that number and gone for the Big East overall record had the Clambake not run out of lobsters. Again. For the second year in a row.

Given the Big East's sterling reputation is foreseeing critical problems and fixing them before it's too late, it's a rare miss.

According to Chibane, the team consumed twenty lobsters, though it's unclear how many Alec Lemon, Jay Bromley and Shamarko Thomas ate individually. According to Kevin McGuire, Rutgers claims to have consumed thirty lobsters, though it's worth noting that most of those were FCS lobsters.

Pitt came away with a poor two-lobster performance. Not the way to go out, you guys. The other schools were Temple (15), USF (12), UConn (7), Lville (6) and Cincy (5).