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Big East Media Day: Syracuse Football Questions I Want Answers To

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Sad faces, you guys. Our final Big East Football Media Day begins today (clambake tonight, media stuff tomorrow). For the final time, Syracuse Orange coaches and players will head to Newport to answer questions about the state of Big East football, eat copious amounts of shellfish and take photos while wearing a jersey and slacks.

Will Syracuse Go Out On A Lobster-Eating Record High? I forget which one but either Justin Pugh or Zack Chibane tweeted that they planned to break the school record for lobsters eaten at the Big East Media Day Clambake. That record is seven, held by Ryan Durand.

Justin Time To Get Your Hopes Up, Is That Pugh Injury Rumor True? - Word on the street, according to Dave Rahme, is that Justin Pugh is going to miss some significant time in camp and possibly into the start of the season. The dreaded upper body injury seems to be stalking our star offensive lineman in what could be a major loss for the Orange. Rahme calls Pugh "among the best offensive linemen I have covered at SU in my two decades following the team." Gah.

Why Is Jay Bromley Here? I remain intrigued and baffled by Bromley's inclusion in the players Syracuse sent to BEMD. He's not coming off an amazing season and since we don't know what happened during spring ball, we don't know how good he has been. But something tells me he's been very good. Like, come out of nowhere and be one of the defense's best players good. I mean...that's gotta be why he's making the trip over, say, three-year starter Dyshawn Davis, right?

Wither Terrel Hunt? Some have pegged Hunt as the quarterback of the future (or at least next year) for the first year of the Post-Nassib Era (PNE). However, Hunt put a crimp in those plans when he was arrested for shoplifting. He was suspended from spring practice, though he remains a part of the team for the time being. Dave Rahme is on the case to find out the answer but who knows if Marrone, usually tight-lipped about such things, will say anything.

Can We Haz Ashton Boyld Newz? Ashton Broyld updates are like catnip for Syracuse football fans right now. We hear about his potential in the new offensive scheme and roll around in it while we slowly melt into a euphoric daze. Visions of Kordell "Slash" Stewart dance in our heads. Marrone need only mention that Broyld is still on pace to be an intriguing option in our offense this season and we'll all wet ourselves.

All Upper Bodies And Lower Bodies Are Free & Clear, Right? We can all bet that Marrone is going to stay mum on the details of guys who are currently injured. But I'd love to hear about some of the guys who aren't injured any longer. Be nice to pencil them in.

Is Marcus Generating Sales Once Again? I've heard good things about Sales so far this off-season but I'm dubious until I see it. Are we talking about the Marcus Sales who didn't even make the preseason depth chart or are we talking about Pinstripe Bowl Marcus Sales? Which one is currently on the roster?

How's The Defense Look? We spend so much time worry about our offense and who's going to score points that its easy to overlook how much we need the defense to step up (2 da streetz) this season. Maybe we're just trying to block them out of our minds given last season's rough outcome. We need to know who's showing up on the D-line, which young linebackers are making a move and whether or not our DBs will hold up.

What else? I'm sure you have plenty more questions...