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Syracuse Recruiting: Curtis Dukes Likely Staying At PSU, Ogundeko Has Bigtime Suitors

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Gotta say, I'm surprised but it looks like the Penn St. Nittany Lions are going to hold on to most of their players. One guy it does sound like they're losing is star RB Silas Redd. He is strongly rumored to be going to the USC Trojans. If that happens, he might have double-screwed Syracuse. First, we'd have to line up against him when we play USC in New Jersey and second, his leaving means it's more likely that RB Curtis Dukes will stay with the Nittany and move up the depth chart.

That would make sense considering Marrone told Bill O'Brien that if a Penn State player contacted him, he would recruit the player, but he made it seem like he was not going to actively recruit them on their own. So I guess Dukes didn't want to leave that badly.

So that's one potential guy down, how the biggest potential Syracuse Orange of them all, Ebenezer Ogundeko?

Well, if you thought it was daunting for Syracuse to recruit him against the Florida Gators and Notre Dame Fighting Irish, just wait til we try to recruit against the Alabama Crimson Tide, Arizona St. Sun Devils and Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (via Orange Fizz):

"Yes, I am going to take a big look at Alabama and other schools that are not in my top four, like Arizona State, Bama or Ole Miss."

"I just wanted to take my time with my decision. This is a once in a lifetime decision and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to fully go..."

Fair enough, though that doesn't sound for little ol'SU. Also, me thinks Augustus Edwards was a whole lot more serious about that package deal thing than Ebenezer was. Let's just hope Edwards doesn't get any ideas...