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Syracuse Football: All Good Myles Go To Milford

"Where is everyone going?"
"Where is everyone going?"

What is it with Syracuse Orange football recruits named Myles and their need to attend Milford Academy before matriculating at SU? First Myles Davis and now Myles Hilliard. From now on, when we recruit a Myles or a Miles or even a Miley, just assume they're gonna need a year at finishing school.

The freshman defensive end told Nation of Orange that he will be spending the fall semester at Milford Academy due to academic issue.

Hilliard told us he is spending the fall semester at Milford Academy. "I needed a couple more points on my ACT test," he explained, "so Marrone is sending me to Milford from August 11th to December 12th."

Not to worry though. "I'm with Syracuse 100%," he said. Hilliard said he plans on playing football at Milford this fall.

Myles, don't call him "Marrone." It's "Coach" or "Herr Marrone" or "Lord And Savior," that kind of thing.

Another impending SU freshman not on campus is running back George Morris, who has to "take care of some high school requirements" according to No official word on how long that will take or if he'll be on campus in time for camp or the season start.

Update: Hold the phone...Jerome Smith tweeted out Tuesday night that he had dinner with Morris, so the frosh is on campus. Interesting (H/T: Dan)

Good news on the transfer front. Iowa Hawkeyes transfer John Raymon is officially enrolled at Syracuse and participating in the "Summer Start" program according to Nolan. No word on whether or not he's still pursuing an eligibility waiver.