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You Got Lucky, Estonia: Brandon Triche, James Southerland Opt Out Of Trip

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The annexation of Estonia has long been at the top of the Otto-Man Empire's list. However, there's something we gotta take care of first before we plant our flag.

Some homework.

After it was announced last week that Syracuse Orange basketball players Brandon Triche and James Southerland would head to Estonia to take part in an all-star tournament, both players have been forced to back out due to academic requirements at home.

Southerland said on Monday that summer school classes at Syracuse might prevent him from playing abroad. He was trying to finalize details of the trip and how it fit into his class schedule.

Triche's dad, Melvin, who coaches JD's Finest in the King of Kings Summer League, said Brandon was scheduled to take a test for a class during the period the team would be in Estonia. Melvin Triche said academics would take precedence for his son.

Sleep well tonight, Estonia. We're still coming for just won't know when.