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Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien: Doug Marrone Has Called About Recruiting Players

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Penn St. Nittany Lions head coach Bill O'Brien has been making the round this morning on the radio. The biggest question anyone's had for him is whether or not he's heard from other coaches interested in recruiting his players.

Yes, he has, and he's heard from someone you were hoping he'd hear from: Doug Marrone.

Marrone and O'Brien are old friends so there's some history to consider. Their families have vacationed together and their wives were roommates in college, so, you know, probably a good idea to talk it out.

Regardless, classy move either way as, under the NCAA guidelines set forth, Marrone doesn't have to go through O'Brien (though obviously you'd expect him to).

We already know of one Penn State player interested in the possibility of playing for the Orange. We'll have to wait and see what else comes from this unprecedented situation.